Exercise of the Week!: Kettlebell Swings!!!

I’ve been working with Kettlebells since 2001 and no matter what goal I am trying to work towards, I always make sure I incorporate Kettlebell swings into my programming.


Well one, I absolutely LOVE them!

Two, they are a full body exercise like no other and gets your heart rate up quickly.

And lastly, if all you have is 10-20 minutes, you can get a great workout in!

Try these in your next workout. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 🙂
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Exercise of the Week: Reverse Lunges

The reverse lunge is one of those exercises that I have a huge Love/Hate relationship with.

I LOVE them because they really shape the thigh and butt region.

But I HATE them because they are killer!

And when you add some dumbbells to them…..WHOA! Watch out!

Here is a quick video of the exercise. For this, just so the video wouldn’t be too long, I am only showing you the reverse lunges on one side. You would repeat the exercise on the other side.

Some of the big things you want to make sure you watch out for while doing this exercise…

  1. Make sure to keep the front foot flat on the floor. Do not let the heel come up while you are stepping back or stepping forward to starting position.
  2. Keep your chest tall and proud. Meaning, do not lean over as you are taking a step back.
  3. Make sure to stand up tall after coming forward every time.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!! 🙂

Exercise of the Week!: Renegade Rows

I’ve decided to start putting up an “Exercise of the Week”.

I’ll be honest, I am horrible at trying to remember to video some of the exercises during my workouts. Mainly because I get into a “zone” and forget.

But I’m going to make it a point to record some of my favorite exercises I do while training.

Here is the first one….Renegade Row.


I love the renegade row because it hits a lot of big muscle groups at one time.

Some of the biggest things to remember…

  1. Make sure your body is in a complete plank. Don’t let your hips sag or sway side to side while rowing.
  2. Squeeze your shoulder blade at the top of the row.
  3. If using the dumbbells is too much for right now, go with out them! Keep the same great form, but just lift your palms up and elbows towards the ceiling.

Like I said, this is a great whole body exercise.

So have fun with them next time you train!