BioForce HRV

For the past couple of days I have posted these pics of a graph on my Instagram and Facebook.
photo 1 photo 2









One day it showed a number of 66 and a Red box. The next day it showed a number of 70 and a Green box.

So what the hell does all that mean and why was I posting that or even caring?

I was showing my BioForce HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measurements for that particular day. And over the past month I have found out just how important measuring my HRV has been.

BioForce HRV basically, in so many words, measures the activity of the autonomic nervous system. Which elicits a sympathetic or parasympathetic response.

(For those who might need a human physiology refresher: Sympathetic is your “Fight or Flight”. Parasympathetic is your “rest and digest ”.)

Why is this important?

It’s important because in the simplest terms, I am measuring how my body responds to stress. Not just the stress placed on my body from training and working out but also the stress placed on my body from everyday factors and home life.

This allows me to adjust my intensity of my training on a day to day and a week-to-week basis, so I don’t push my body too far.

If you are a client of mine at our training facility (Full Throttle Athletics), you hear us preach about recovery day in and day out.

The nice thing about measuring your HRV, it’s not only taking into account training stressors but also life stressors. Many people don’t understand that a stressful day at work, or home, coupled with a high intensity training session, can actually do more harm than good. So getting your “ass kicked” at the gym, is not always a good thing.

If your body is chronically in a sympathetic state due to high stress situations, the HRV reading will show you this and you will know that your next training should be at a lower intensity to ramp up a parasympathetic response and help de-stress the body.

The moral of this story is you can’t train at 100% intensity at 100% of the time and expect to get results. If your body never shifts to a parasympathetic state, it’s not resting and recovering from ANY of the stress in your life and you will plateau.

In an upcoming post, I will be sharing more about this and what I am learning.






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