A Cookie is A Cookie is a Cookie

One of the biggest trends in eating/nutrition/diet (whatever you want to call it) right now are the “substitutes” as I like to call them.









Substitutions for food you normally wouldn’t eat if you were trying to eat healthy/clean.

Foods like “protein cookies”, “protein chips”, Paleo….well everything.

I hear it all the time about people wanting to substitute foods. This is how a conversation usually goes….

Client: “I found these great cookies!”

Me: “But cookies are not in your nutrition plan.”

Client: “I know, but these are (“protein”, “Paleo”, “healthy” you choose the word)
cookies! So they are good for you!”

Me: “Um…….”

I hate to burst your bubble, but a substitution for a cookie or chip or whatever junk food you would like, is not necessarily a “healthy alternative”.

Here are some of the reasons why.

First, when these substitutions are made, the food companies need to put flavor back into the food to make it taste good because well, they are taking out exactly what makes it taste good in the first place…..

Sugar and fat.

So this “flavor” comes from chemicals and other ingredients many of us cannot even pronounce.

It’s really sometimes no better than eating something from the snack cake isle.

Second, people seem to overeat with these types of foods.

They are healthy right? I mean PROTEIN cookies. They HAVE protein in them! And I NEED protein to keep my muscles healthy. So that means I can have cookies every day!

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh……nooooooo. Sorry, that’s not how it works.

Sometimes adding just 1-2 of these “healthy alternatives” to your diet, even just weekly, can make your goals come to a complete stop!










So by now, if you are someone who looks for substitutions, you are probably pissed off at me for telling you this.

I would like to say “I’m sorry”, but the truth is I’m not.









The reason?

Because I have done this. I’ve been there. I have eaten the “healthy alternatives” thinking it was OK. That it was a way to get my “junk food” without actually eating junk food.

And you know what?

It didn’t help me towards my goals AT ALL.

So how about just stop eating junk food completely?









I know willpower can be a real bitch, but at some point you need to take control over your nutrition and be the one in charge.

But if you do need that fix, I have found that IF you are going to eat a cookie….


Full of fat, full of sugar and full of taste!!!!

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