8 Week To Go…Half-Way There!!!

Today marks half-way point for my goal.
When I started working towards my goal, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one, but so far I am so happy with my results!!

Here are some progress pics…

The one on the left is when I started this journey, 8 weeks ago, and the one on the left is from this morning. Very excited you can start to see my baby abs from the pic this morning! 🙂

Kori 82216









Here is a side view…again I’m very happy!

Kori 82216 1









So now I’m sure you’re wondering…how much “scale weight” have I lost?

Honestly….only about 6 pounds.

Am I mad?

Hell NO!

I’m building muscle while I’m leaning out, this is the best case scenario out there!

Will my weight start to go down more during the next 8 weeks?

Probably, but I’m not expecting 15-20 pounds. I know that the goal is, and always has been, to lose fat while I keep and build muscle.

So far my nutrition has been on point, even getting one cheat meal a week, and my training has been great. I don’t plan on making any new adjustments over the next 2 weeks, so we will see how that works. I’m happy with everything, so why fix what’s not broke…right?

I will also be showing you what I am doing to get these results.

How I’m eating, how I’m training, etc.

I hope that you continue to keep up with my journey and possibly start one of your own!

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