70/80/90 Rule

If you have been following this blog, you know that I have really not posted much in the past 5-6 months.
Maybe, 2-3 posts.

Everything is OK, I guess you can say I have been in a “funk” over the past 6 months.

Not really being consistent with my training or my nutrition.

I just have not been feeling it I guess.

I have also had a lot of things come up with in the past 6 months, unexpected traveling, P getting strep…twice, myself getting sick. Just a lot going on.

Have you ever been there?

You just don’t have the motivation,no consistency and everything seems to be coming at you all at once where you feel you don’t have time to be consistent?

That’s where I have been.

But over the past couple of weeks I decided I needed this to stop.

Not only for my sanity, but also because I am sick of the yo-yoing that I have been having.

I haven’t gained much, maybe 3-5 pounds scale weight, but what I see in the mirror, I’m not happy with.

I needed to get my consistency back with my training and my nutrition.

And I knew I needed a new goal.

So I sat down and really started thinking about what I wanted my next goal to be.

I don’t have any competitions coming up or anything like a photo shoot.

Then I read one of BJ’s newsletters.

He talked about the 70/80/90 Rule we have at Full Throttle Athletics and how it’s all about consistency.

Something I have been lacking.

It also hit me that if I am not consistent with MY training and nutrition, how can I keep my clients accountable with their own consistency?

So that is when I decided that is what my goal has to be.

To be consistent with the 70/80/90 Rule.

If you don’t know what the 70/80/90 Rule is, here is a quick run down (I’ll be posting a blog specifically to what each entail next week).

  • 70% of my training will be at 70% intensity.
  • I will be active 80% of the days of the year.
  • I will be 90% compliant with my nutrition during the week.

So I have a goal, now I need a date to which I need to meet my goal.

Looking at the calendar I was trying to figure out what did I have coming up that I wanted to work towards.

I need it long it enough to make a difference but not too long, or no end date, in which I just push it off day after day or week after week.

Well, this October, October 21st to be exact, I am turning 40.

WOW…that hurt to write LOL.

So that is my date to work towards…October 21st.

That is 17 weeks away.

And as always, I have my before pics and weight below.











My weight as of 6/23/17 is 140.

During the next 17 weeks, I am going to be posting my progress pics about every 2 weeks, but more importantly I am going to be showing you how CONSISTENCY is what you need to reach your goals, not the next big fad workout or diet.

My training will not be anything “special”. Nope, I will be strength training 3 days per week and doing conditioning 2-3 days per week.

My nutrition is actually not going to be much different than it has been since January. Only difference is that instead of it being only 50-60% compliant, I’m hitting that 90% every week.

My goal is to make videos on my training and nutrition and answer any questions you might have.

I encourage you to work on your consistency with me during the next 18 weeks.

Here we go!



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