5 Biggest Mistakes Busy Moms Make with Weight Loss

It’s Tuesday!

That means swim lesson day and believe me, P has not let us forget it! LOL

I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

We spent it by starting to clean out our garage and getting it set up to have our “gym garage”. Our goal is to have it done by this weekend 🙂

Also this past weekend, I was talking to a mom who is trying to lose about 20 pounds for a vacation at the end of the summer and is getting frustrated because it seems like everything she tries, it’s not working. So I started asking her some questions about her nutrition, her training and her daily routines and found out she is making the same mistakes almost every woman I have worked with makes and I have made when it comes to trying to lose weight.

So I decided to make a video (it’s a little longer than my usual videos) about the 5 Biggest Mistakes Busy Moms Make with Weight Loss.

You can check it out here

So how many have you made?

I know I’ve made them all, sometimes more than once!

Have a great day!

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