4 Keys to Fat Loss Success: Key #2-MOVEMENT

Key #2 to fat loss success seems pretty obvious.










I mean you have to move, i.e. exercise, in order to lose fat right?

But just because it’s obvious, doesn’t mean people know exactly what to do or how to move to reach their fat loss goals.

Should you lift weights?

If you lift weights, how much weight? How many sets? How many reps? And exactly which exercises?

Should you do cardio? And for how long?

Or maybe HIIT (intervals) are better?

So many choices, yet each can fit into someone’s workout routine, you just need to know where you are on the fitness scale.

So what does that mean?

Well, if you are someone who workouts regularly, but looking for that extra push, then maybe changing up your routine is what is needed. Or if all you do is strength and long cardio, then adding some HIIT (intervals) to your training will help.

But if you are someone who is just getting back into working out, or someone who has never worked out a day in their life, then starting off slow is where you are going to need to start.

I have seen it too many times, and I have done it myself, people start out going “balls to the wall” with their new exercise routine. They try to lift weights, do tons of cardio and fit in a lot of exercise every day of the week. Because more=better…or so they think.

What happens then?

They are burnt out and so sore that it can lead to injuries.

So, if you are just starting back, or even starting for the first time, start slow. Find a good program (such as the TLAG program that will be coming out in 2016 ;)) and work up from there.

Here is a little clip of me “moving”. LOL This was my metabolic after a great strength training session last week. I did 20 min of this…15 KB swings with a 20kg bell, pushed the prowler, 10 ball slams with the 20 pound slam ball and then pushed the prowler back to the start.


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