3 Ways to Get Over “Vacation Remorse”

We’ve all been there right?

You go on a vacation, even if it’s a long weekend, you have a great time, you eat more then usual and probably move less then normal.

But it’s a vacation right!?!?! 🙂

Then, you come home and back to reality.

Not only back to reality of day to day life, work, shuttling kids to and from different activities, but also back to reality of the “damage” you did while on vacation.

All of that extra food, or foods that you normally don’t eat, and the less movement can show an increase in either scale weight or making those pants just a little bit tighter.

So now is about the time you freak out, right?

You curse at yourself for actually ENJOYING yourself.

How dare you!!! (sarcasm LOL)

First, vacations are just that…a vacation away from your day-to-day life and a vacation from your day-to-day nutrition and workouts.

And with this I tell all my clients 1 thing….

IT’S OK!!!!

Everyone deserves to take time off from their nutrition and training, you have to remember it’s only 1 or maybe even 2 weeks. Those weeks are not going to throw you off so much that you end up back to square one and have to start all over again. 

But I get it, coming back and feeling….well blah because of the food you ate and the lack of training can make it discouraging, so I wanted to share with you 3 simple things I do when I get back from a vacation to help get me back on track quickly and feel better within days.

1. Increase water
Most of the weight you might have gained while on vacation or just having a “full” feeling is because of water weight. Easiest way to get rid of water weight is to actually drink MORE water. 

Goal would be to get in 1 gallon of water a day, and that is not including water you drink while training. 

If drinking a gallon comes easy for you, then try to get in 1.5 gallons per day. If just getting a gallon in is a challenge, then stick to the gallon/day.

Continue doing this for at least 3-5 days, then you can go back to your normal water intake. I do always tell my clients to have a goal of 1 gallon per day.

2. Add more fruits and veggies to ALL meals
If you’re like me, I’m willing to bet you are not eating too many fruits and veggies while on vacation. 

Fruits and veggies provide a lot of fiber that can help move things along. LOL Plus they can be very filling and help with any cravings you are having while trying to get back on your nutrition.

3. Get Moving!
Nothing feels better then a good sweat when you are feeling a bit blah from your vacation, but depending on how long you have been on vacation, make sure you don’t just jump right back into your regular training routine. Take it slower the first couple of days and then ramp it up to where you were before the vacation.

I know after not training for a couple days to a week, it can be hard to get back into the routine and slack more, DON’T! Even if all you can do is go for a walk, do it. Getting back into that routine will come much easier.

I know between the increased water and increased sweating, I feel so much better.

So next time you go on vacation, when you get back don’t feel discouraged. Use these 3 tips to get you back on track and continuing to work towards your goal. 


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