3 Excellent Exercises to Build That Booty!!!

Since tomorrow is “Hump Day” (or what I love to call Wednesday’s….BOOTY day!), and bikini season will be here before you know it, I wanted to share with you 3 butt exercises you need to do to get a booty like this!







Yes…that is MY butt. I’ve worked hard for that 🙂

First exercise is the squat. Here I am using a KB for my weight, but you can use any sort of weight (barbell, dumbbell, etc) or no weight at all.

Second is the Bulgarian Split Squat. This is one of my FAVORITE exercises for the butt. You can use weights or no weight at all. Just make sure you keep that front heel on the ground and do each leg.

Lastly is the Deadlift. Again, here I am using a KB, but you can use barbells (my personal preference) or dumbbells.

There you go! Add these to your weekly training and by the time bikini season comes around you will have a booty that begs to be shown off!


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