BJ and I are hosting a Beginner Level Kettlebell Workshop on Saturday, June 23rd from 10am-3pm. If you are looking to…

1. Lose weight and tone up
2. Learn the hottest new way to train/workout
3. Improve your Kettlebell skills (if you have already been using them)
4. Just have fun learning something new

Then you MUST sign up for the workshop! We will be going through numerous exercises that can help you shed unwanted weight, tone up, and jump start your metabolism. Every exercise will be broken down to it’s simplest steps for easy learning. We will also show how to vary each exercise so you can challenge yourself on your harder training days or make it easier for those “light” training days.

Don’t wait to sign up! We are only taking the first 12 people! Please go to IMPACT Fitness and sign up!

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