Stress, Sickness and Life Getting in the Way of My Training…Part 1

Over the past couple of days I have been down with a pretty bad cold and it has taken me out of my training for the past week.

Watch my video below to see how I am dealing with that!

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I’ll be adding a lot more information about “mentality” over the next couple of weeks.

I believe your mentality is just as important, if not more, than nutrition and exercise combined in achieving your goals!

Mentality Makeover: Be proud AGAIN for what you have accomplished!

Kori BA










These pics came up on my Facebook timeline a couple of days ago.

The pic on the left is from April 25th, 2013, the morning I went in to have my daughter. The pic on the right was taken in April 2014, 50 weeks after I had my daughter.

It was at my first bikini competition.

This was a goal of mine to help me lose the baby weight.

I absolutely love these pics.

I think this came to me at a really great time.

A time where it not only shows just what hard work can do for you, but it helps me remind myself just how far I have come.

And I think that is one of my biggest issues I need to work on.

I’m always looking to reach the next goal or looking to find a next goal, that I never sit back and appreciate all the hard work I do put in.

I also know I am not the only one who does this.

Most people I know are always striving to become better.

Striving for the next accomplishment.

Now, this is not bad in anyway, but if you are always looking forward towards the next goal, you will never appreciate what you have accomplished.

So I give you a challenge for the next couple of days.

Think back to a time where you hit a goal and was extremely proud of yourself.

Maybe it was fitting into an old pair of jeans you haven’t worn in months/years.

Maybe it was finishing a 5k/10k/half-marathon/etc, that you trained hard for.

Maybe it was hitting a PR with an exercise.

Whatever it is, think back to it and remember that feeling.

Be proud again for what you have accomplished!

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Trying Something New Can Be Scary

For this post, I’m trying something new.

Here is a little video to explain what I am going to do for the next couple of months.

Something I haven’t done in quite some time.

I’ll be honest, I’m a little scared. 🙂

Common Mistake:Thinking It Happens Overnight

One of the most important things I tell any client, or even just someone looking for a little fat loss advice, is that it doesn’t happen overnight.

Sure, you could drop a bunch of scale weight overnight, but true fat loss takes time.

So why don’t I take my own advice?

Here is my picture from 4 weeks ago (left) and from this morning (right).











Not bad, but not what I was hoping for after 4 weeks.

But what exactly was it I was hoping for?

That was the question my husband asked me today.

What did I think was going to happen in 4 weeks or even from last week?

He pointed out that I am not training for a competition or a photo shoot like before.

I’m not cutting my calories to the point where I am “dieting”.

I made a decision to stop eating a lot of junk like I had been and got my nutrition under control.

That had been my main goal.

And yes, I do feel better, my clothes are fitting better, the scale has gone down 5 pounds and I am seeing more definition.

I should be happy!

But for some reason, and even while I’m typing this I find it hilarious, I thought I would go back to looking like my competition/photo shoot self.

Just like that! *snaps fingers*

Right now my nutrition (again I’m NOT on a diet) is about 80/20. Meaning 80% of my meals during the week follow my nutrition guidelines and 20% of them don’t. I’m not necessarily eating “cheat meals”, but maybe having something that is not on my plan.

(This is much better than how I was 4 weeks ago. Remember, I was only eating about 50/50 with my nutrition. I was having way too many meals that strayed from my nutrition plan.)

And with eating the way I am now, 80% are compliant with my nutrition plan, it will take a little bit longer.

And you know what?

That’s OK!

After talking to my husband it hit me that I was falling into the same trap as a lot of people.

I was thinking that because I tightened up my nutrition, fat should be falling off of me.

Well, that’s just not the case.

I don’t have a ton of fat to lose.

Sure, I do want to get leaner, but I know I can’t be on a perpetual diet. I know what that does to my body and I don’t like it, my body doesn’t like it and in the end I am not happy with how everything turned out.

And I know it’s going to take time.

A mistake I do make from time to time. You would think I would listen to myself when I tell others this. LOL

Sometimes you just needed to be reminded.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to talk about mistakes.

Mistakes that I make, or made, either with nutrition, my thought process on how fast things should be happening and exercise programs.

I’ve probably made them all, and like today, still make them.

But I want to help you not make them or get you out of them so you can reach your goals.



Recipe: Veggie Stuffed Mushrooms

I’m always looking for new recipes for veggies.

Steamed broccoli and spinach salads can get a bit boring after awhile.

Recently I found this recipe for Vegetable Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. And they are SOOOOOOO good!

But like always, I tweaked this recipe. I used broccoli instead of zucchini and Roma tomatoes instead of sun-dried mainly because it was what I had on hand.

First chop up the red pepper and onion and saute it in about 2 tablespoons of olive oil along with garlic. (I put extra garlic in because I love it!) Cook until peppers are tender and onions are translucent.

mushroom 2











I then chopped up the tomatoes and broccoli and added it, along with the spinach, to cook. Cover pan so the spinach wilts, stirring occasionally. Cook on medium low.

mushroom 7











After spinach has wilted, mix in bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. (You can omit but they help with the binding). Mix in all other spices.

mushroom 6











Next, wipe off bottoms of mushrooms and cut stems. Place on cookie sheet.

mushroom 3











Spoon mixture into the mushrooms evenly. I only had 4 mushrooms, but had enough mixture for about 5, maybe 6. I just over-stuffed 😉

mushroom 5












Next, place in oven for 35-40 minutes at 375. After you can leave them like this if you do not want to add the cheese.

mushroom 11












But, well I LOVE cheese, and it’s not much, so I add about 1 tbsp of mozzarella cheese on top of each mushroom and cook for an additional 8 min.

mushroom 9












And there you go!

They are really good and a great way to get a lot of veggies in at once.

I hope you try these and really like them! They have become a weekly meal in our house!

2 Weeks After Being Back on the Nutrition Wagon

Two weeks ago I decided I needed to take back control of my nutrition after being on vacation.

I had let myself eat like I was still on vacation, and it was leading me down a path in which all my hard work would be gone and I’d be starting over.

Well here is where I am at after 2 weeks…

4116 4116 1










Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited with my results!

Now my results aren’t huge.

Meaning, I didn’t lose 20 pounds or drop 4 dress sizes, but I can tell a big difference in my lower abdominal area and I did lose about 3 pounds on the scale.

But, this has only been 2 weeks and I can see a difference in the pictures and the definition around my abdominal area.

And let’s be honest, once we start seeing that, we know we are going in the right direction! 😉

And the great thing about it is, I didn’t make HUGE changes, just got back on track with my nutrition.

One thing I have done, and I’ll go more into my nutrition in a post in a couple of weeks, is I added a ton more veggies.

I’ve always ate a good amount of veggies, but these past two weeks I’ve incorporated more at each meal. It’s really been a great addition for me not only body composition wise, but also energy level wise.

Make sure you check back next week to see how I’m still doing with keeping my nutrition on track! I’m really going to up my game this coming week and see what I can achieve!



One of my favorite Combo exercises!

I love doing combo exercises.

(Combo exercises is when you put two exercises together, such as a squat-press. For a squat-press, you usually have a pair of dumbbells, squat down with them and then press them up into a shoulder press, as you stand up.)

One of the biggest reasons why I love combo exercises is because you get the biggest “bang for your buck” when doing them. They work a lot of different muscle groups at one time and are great if you have very little time to train and need to get a quick workout in!

Here is a quick video of my training from yesterday. After my Kettlebell training, I had to do a combo of 6 double Kettlebell front squats (I used two 12kg bells) and then a farmer’s walk. I did this 6 times. Doesn’t look like much..but WOW!!!

Then to finish it all up, I ended my training session with 10 rounds of ball slams. Intervals of 20/40 with a 20# slam ball. To be honest…it sucked! LOL

So make sure you add a combo exercise to your next workout…I know you won’t be disappointed!

Stopping that Slippery Slope













My last post, I went into how slippery of a slope it can become for me when I detour from my nutrition for too long.

Sure, after I have hit a goal I ALWAYS give myself at least a couple of days where I eat what I want.

Now, I’m not saying I sit down to an all-you-can-eat buffet for hours upon hours, but I do allow myself to enjoy the foods I normally wouldn’t eat.

This does two things…

  1. It gives my body the needed break from lower calories, IF that is what I was doing. Your body can only stay on a lower calorie nutrition plan for so long before it starts to break down and before you know it, you’ve gained weight back.
  2. Helps me keep my sanity. 😉

But as I had said, when I do take these detours, I do need to make sure I keep myself on track. I can, and have, detoured from my nutrition for so long that all the work I put in before, is now gone and I have to start all over.

And when I do detour from my nutrition for too long, it can be very hard to get back on track.

At least for me.

But eventually I do get back on track and I know you can too.

Here are 3 simple ways to get back on track with your nutrition when you’ve taken too long of a detour…

  1. Set a new goal for yourself
    I love setting goals for myself because they always have an end date. I can look at the calendar and know that I have “X” amount of days/weeks/months to get to the goal. I also love setting new goals to get me back on track because then I have new momentum. I get excited about the new goal and love working towards it.
  2. Have someone else hold you accountable
    Sure, it is easy for me to say “I’ll get back on track on Monday”, but then how easy is it for me to say “OK, just one more doughnut!”. For me? VERY EASY! This is one of the reasons I love writing this blog. I know that I have people holding me accountable. I know that when I write about a goal and have a set date, if the date comes and goes and I don’t post anything about the end results, people will ask me why.So ask for someone to keep you accountable. Maybe even be partners in crime and keep each other accountable. Do daily, weekly or monthly check ins..doesn’t matter. Just keep accountable.It also helps to have someone to keep you accountable because then when temptation does arise, and it always will, you can have that person(s) to call up and they can help you off the ledge.
  3. Put up a picture of yourself when you hit your last goal
    Every time I hit my goals, whatever they may be, I always take an after picture. This way I have documentation of how I looked after I completed my goal.Not all of my goals are based on my body composition, but I like to take before and after pics to see if what I did for my training and nutrition program had any effect on it. Ninety percent of the time, it does, whether good or bad.For example this week I printed off an after picture I took of myself from November (the one above). I’m hanging this somewhere that I will see it everyday to remind myself what I am working towards.

    One thing I don’t do is put up pictures of other females in the fitness industry that I want to look like or aspire to look like. For me, that can also be a slippery slope. I am who I am and I have the body that I have. Sometimes when I start comparing myself/my body to others, the waters can get mucky and I loose site of what I am really trying to achieve.

These are just a few easy things I use to get myself back on track. In fact, I’m doing all 3 right now to help with my nutrition after my vacation.

So if you are having trouble getting back on track with your nutrition, or maybe even just starting it, try at least one of these ways to help you. Having that extra “omph” to push you even when you want to devour a whole tub of ice cream, can do wonders.


It’s A Slippery Slope

Last Thursday I posted an update on where I am body composition wise after being back from vacation for 2 weeks.

slippery slope










(The pic on the left is when I did my photo shoot in November and the right is from last Thursday.)

Like I had said, I’m not unhappy with where I am at, but I also know that with my diet being only 50% on track, I can fall easily into a bad routine where my nutrition gets worse and worse.

I know this, because I have been here MANY times.

So many times in fact, I’ve lost count.

Most people think because I own a gym and coach people for a living, on not only exercise programs but also nutrition, I don’t have any issues with my own nutrition.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nutrition will always be an issue for me, especially when I let myself detour away from my nutrition plan.

I love food.

No, wait…let me rephrase that.


For me, when I take too much time off from my nutrition plan, it becomes a very slippery slope.

I start to rationalize….

“I’ve reached my goal….I can have eat (whatever food I’m craving at the moment)”


“I’ll just eat like this for a week or so. I’ve earned it!”

Then, I start the whole…”I’ll start next Monday” or “I’ll just eat this till it’s gone, and then no more!”

My nutrition falls and falls fast.

And that “Monday” I’m suppose to start, never comes. Or that food that I’m not suppose to buy more of, or eat more of, somehow ends up in my stomach. Time and time again.

And before I know it everything I have worked for is gone.

And I know that there is no one to blame, but me.

Sometimes it’s not easy seeing that there is no one to blame but yourself, but in the end, seeing this can really help you get back on track. Because you, and ONLY YOU, can get you back ON track!

I wrote this quick little post for two reasons.

  1. To help me see (or I should say ADMIT) to what I am actually doing to sabotage my goals. Sure, you can tell yourself anything, but sometimes you need to not only write it down, but have others see it too to make it stick and help you understand what exactly you are doing. Plus it gives me accountability. Something I think we all need.
  2. And two, because I want you (the reader) to see you are not the only one that goes through this. As a fitness professional, I can have all the knowledge and information at my fingertips and KNOW what I am suppose to do. But if I let myself get off track, I too will fall into that trap of sabotaging my goals and losing everything I’ve worked for.

Now that I’ve shared with you that I too have issues with staying on track with my nutrition at times. Make sure you check back later this week for tips on how I get back on track!!

Getting Out of “Vacation Eating” Mode

It’s been about 2 weeks from getting back from our little vacation.

As I had posted previously, taking the vacation was a lifesaver for me. Not just because I was able to give my body some much needed R&R, but also because I was able to give my mind the R&R it needed as well.

Coming back I have been energized and excited to get back into things.

But….one thing that has decided to stay with me since being on vacation, is my nutrition.

I’m not eating the rich foods that I did in Southern California, but my nutrition hasn’t been exactly on par. And with me having to shoot some videos in 3 weeks, keeping up with my nutrition this way…”Eating like an a$$hole”, as a good friend calls it, is not an option.

So to keep myself accountable for the next 3 weeks, I am posting “before” pics.

Here is this morning.

Kori 31716 1

Kori 31716








I’m not unhappy with how I look, but I know I need to tighten my nutrition up. Not only for the videos I’m shooting, but also because I know with me, if my nutrition isn’t on par, it can become a VERY slippery slope. (Make sure you come back next week to see what I mean)

I need to make some changes, not big ones, but small changes that I know will help me.

Such as….

  • Getting in more water!
    • I will be posting later about this, but it is amazing what adding more water can do for not only your body composition, but also overall health.
  • Upping those fruits and veggies.
    • Again, another “no-brainer”, but adding both of these can help with cravings and keep you full longer. aka…no junk food binges!

For the next few weeks, I’m going to keep posting pics to keep myself accountable. I know it may sound funny, but this helps me greatly!

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