I’m Back!

OK, so to say I have been slacking on my blogging would be a HUGE understatement. To be honest I didn’t know what to write about. I mean, sure I have goals, but if it gets boring for me to write about it, it has to be boring for you to read about it.

But now I am back and yes, this first post back will be about my goals. Sorry. Anyways…in one of my last posts I let you in on my secret that I have gotten a little addicted to the bikini comps. Scary…I know! So, I have one coming up in about 7 weeks and a couple of days. For this one we really honed in on what I needed to work on. My upper body for one, which by the way looks PHENOMENAL if I do say so myself! ;) And my glutes. I mean c’mon….your booty is where it is at!

Also, while I am training for my third comp, I am also going to compete in a Kettlebell competition. When it comes to Kettlebell comps, I do them for fun. The energy at them is great and it gives me some other ways to train.

So that’s about it for this post. My next comp is on September 13th and I am really excited for it. Check back here because I am going to be featuring some well deserved recognition for some AMAZING women!


OK, so I lied…

Well not really lied, but more like changed my mind.

When I started this whole journey of getting my pre-baby body back I set goals for myself. First was the KB competition, then was my photo shoot and finally, my two bikini comps. My intentions were to do the two bikini comps and then move on. I honestly didn’t think I would like it.  I am not one for wanting attention on me, especially in a bikini. But after my second competition, the Europa Games, last week…I really want to do another one!

So what made me change my mind? For one, I was so much more prepared for this one. Even though it was only 4 weeks after my first comp, I felt so much more prepared and confident. I knew what to expect (although every comp is different) and I looked the best I ever have! Also, for my first comp I placed last, 16th out of 16 women. This one….13th out of 16 women. Not a huge jump, but for me this felt awesome! I took this week to really think about what I wanted to do. What my next goals were going to be. Remember, for me it all leads right back to goals and having an end date. I HAVE to have an end date or I get bored and I will fail.

While I was contemplating my new goals I looked back at some of my pics from the Europa.

Here is me and my partner in crime Kristy…













Here is me on stage…workin’ it ;)













So now what??

Well I have decided that I am going to do another comp in September. This is going to give me enough time to work on areas I feel need to be improved. But that is not the only goal I have. I want to place in the top 10 for my next comp. I am not a competitive person, but something has awoken that part of me and I’m running with it! I’m still not looking to get my Pro Card, as cool as that would be, just want to possibly make it more than a hobby.

My First Bikini Competition-Texas Shredder Open


Honestly that’s all I can say about my experience from this past weekend.

If you have not been keeping up, this past weekend I competed in my very first bikini competition in Austin, TX. If you know me, you know this is completely out of my comfort zone. But that is one of the reasons why I did it.

The entire weekend was one of the most exciting, tiresome and longest weekends I have ever had. I did this competition with one of my good friends Kristy Wall (see pic below). We wanted to do this together since it was both our very first time. I was glad to have a “partner in crime” the help with the nerves.

photo 4








We drove down on Friday to Austin and right away checked in and got our tanning on. I don’t think I have ever been so dark! LOL! Then we had the pleasure of waiting inline for 2 hours to check in….again. Not fun considering we were both very hungry and tired, but knowing everyone around us was in the same boat, helped. After the second check in we went back to the hotel to get a good night’s sleep. Although trying to sleep and making sure your tan doesn’t rub off results in not so much sleep. Plus, well I was extremely excited!!

Saturday I woke up at 5am and it was time to get all dolled up! Once that was all done we were off to the show to pick up our numbers!
photo 2 (5)








Then it was a waiting game. Unfortunately the bikini category is the last to go on and I didn’t get to go strut my stuff until around 2pm. Like I said…it was a long day.  So we watched some of the show and tried to relax a little before getting all excited to go on. We also decided to practice our posing…
photo 3








Then finally…it was our time to shine!!! I was literally up on the stage for maybe 5 min. Did my posing for about 10sec. But I was so happy! I, Kori Bliffert, former fat girl…really not that long ago. Was up on stage IN A BIKINI in front of 100s of people! Never in a million years did I think that would happen. I didn’t do this to win an award (I’ve won already by reaching my goal) or to go pro or to make it in this sport. I did it because I wanted to feel sexy again. I wanted to do something that would take me to the next level. And you know what?? I can officially say I DID!

After going on stage the first time (we did have to come back later that night to go on and walk up to be introduced…but nothing exciting) I went through my phone and found a picture I took from the morning I went into the hospital to have Parker (see below). That was taken on 4/25/13 and the pic next to it is 50 weeks later (4/12/14). I don’t brag about myself….well ever. I like to brag more about my family and friends, but I am so freaking proud of myself that well….I LOOK FREAKING HOTTTTT! ;)
photo (15)photo 1 (4)








From the first check in, to the tanning, to the hair and make up, to the “hurry up and wait”, to going on stage IN A BIKINI and then finally the not showering for almost 36 hours (yeah we smelled). It was so much fun and such a great experience that I am doing it again in 4 weeks!! Yep, on May 10th I am going to compete in the Europa games bikini competition. And I even have higher goals for this one!

So please make sure you follow me through these next 4 weeks and even longer….because yes, I do have more goals for this year.

3 Weeks Out

As of yesterday I am 3 weeks out from my very first bikini competition.


Up till now my training has been strong and my nutrition has been great. I will say, I’m craving a cheeseburger right now ;), but in 3 weeks I will have it.

Here are my “3 Weeks Out” pictures.

photo 2 (3)photo 1 (3)








Now comes the hard part believe it or not. Calories will start to decrease (but not too much, remember we are not starving ourselves) and cardio will start to increase. This is called the “leaning out phase”. But it’s only 3 weeks right? :)


Increasing calories can do what?!?!?



As a woman the last thing I used to believe is that INCREASING calories helps DECREASE your body fat. I mean I grew up in the “Jane Fonda Era”. My mom would eat cottage cheese twice a day and do her JF tapes. That’s how you lost fat. Right??? WRONG!!! Sure the scale might go down, but everything is still jiggly.

Over the past couple of weeks I have slowly, repeat SLOWLY, been increasing my calories to over 2000. And what I have found is I am getting leaner, my “muffin top” is slowly going down, I am getting abs….like you can see them!! and over all I am feeling great! And here is the proof…

photo (13)










And this picture was even taken during a bloated part of the week.

As of today (2/8/14) I have 8 weeks till my first bikini competition. Seeing this picture right here, I am confident that I will look my best on 4/12/14.

Ladies, and men, don’t be afraid to eat. Your body is like a car, if the car has no gas/fuel, it won’t run and neither will your body if you are not putting food in it. If you are one of those people who won’t go over 1200 kcals a day, start slow. Don’t try to eat 2000 kcals and think you will drop weight. Slowly, even 50 extra kcals every week, add those kcals in. Add in lean protein, healthy fats and yes even carbs (my favorite).  You will not only feel a great difference in your training, but you will see a great difference in your body.


I’ve been thinking about this word all day.

Sacrifice: NOUN  the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone. 

I’ve been thinking about this word because people always use it when they are dieting and I have recently used it in my life. I’ve heard “I’m sacrificing my daily glass of wine to get into a smaller size of jeans” or “I have to sacrifice my sleep to workout in the morning”<<<<This was mine. So it got me thinking….are we REALLY sacrificing? I mean, if you’re going to sacrifice your sleep by getting up early in the morning, you can go to bed earlier the night before…right? And that glass of wine, or piece of chocolate or night of chips, salsa and margaritas…..is that a life or death situation? Water…you need, oxygen…you need, but wine? Chocolate?

Then I got thinking about what I am sacrificing my sleep (at the time) was for. Being a mom now, I only have a small window in which I can train. Mostly because I want to be able to spend as much time as I possibly can with my daughter when she is not sleeping. So getting up an hour early to train so I can spend that time with her…is that sacrificing? Now that I think about it…no.

I also have been looking at my goal and why I am “sacrificing” or getting up early. My newest goal, my bikini competition, is huge! At least for me. And if that means for the next 10.5 weeks (OH CRAP!) I have to get up an hour, possibly 2 hours, early..then that is what I have to do. I won’t be doing it forever, unless I want to.

So…what are you “sacrificing” and is it worth it to you????

Goal #3…..This is a BIG one!

If you have been on this little journey of getting my post-baby body back, you know I didn’t just say “I want to lose weight/fat/etc”, I made goals for myself over the year to reach my ultimate goal.

I hit my first and second goals, but now this is the big goal. The goal that is going to make or break me! Not really, but it will be a lot of hard work and really stepping outside of my comfort zone. I am going to be competing in my very first bikini competition on April 12th! If you don’t know….THAT’S IN 14 WEEKS!!!!!

This is probably my scariest goal so far. Competing in the KB competition, not nervous at all. Doing a photo shoot, yeah a little nervous. But getting on a stage with a ton of strangers looking at me, judging me, possibly even criticizing me….well that freaks me the F&$% OUT! But, I’m going to do it! :)

I will be updating a lot more than I did with my second goal. Mainly because when I have to update I stay focused and that is what I need for the next 14 weeks…focus.

Here is a starting pic taken last week. As you can see…I ate maybe 1 or 2 cookies too many over the holidays, but I’m not going to let the

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)










And here is a woman who is a 9 time bikini competition champion. Here name is Amanda Latona and is my motivation. She is strong….NOT skinny.

Amanda Latona 1 Amanda Latona 2

My Photo Shoot……late :)

So I made this HUGE “to-do” about me getting ready for my photo shoot but then I never posted any pics. Oops :)

First, it was so much fun! I started the day by getting all prettied up by getting my hair and make up done. PS…I really wish I could have that done everyday! Then we got all set up and I was VERY nervous. I don’t know why considering I know the photographer and it was on “my turf”.

Anyways, here are some of my favorites!





























I am extremely proud of these pics but I am even more proud that I am not done! Lots of great goals coming up in 2014. Stick around….it’s going to get interesting! ;)

You’ve gotta…..EAT!!

Sorry….right before I started writing this I heard RuPaul’s “Supermodel” song. :)  But the title is correct, you have to eat. You have to eat, not only to stay alive, but to lose fat. Sort of like the saying “You need to spend money to make money”, well you need to EAT calories to BURN calories.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I used to be that girl who would starve herself to lose weight. Why? Because that is what every other woman around me would do. And….it worked. Well it worked for a little while, then once I went back to actually eating, all that weight that I lost came flying back on and it brought friends (more L-B’s). It wasn’t until I was taught WHY you need to eat to burn off fat.

Let’s pretend your metabolism is a camp fire. The more wood you put into your fire the hotter your fire will burn. Same goes for your metabolism. The more food you put into your body……wait let me rephrase that, the more clean food you put into your body, the hotter your metabolism will burn. You can’t eat junk, fast food, sweets, etc and expect the same results.

Don’t believe me??? Well, that’s OK, I was a skeptic too remember. But I will tell you this, my coach (yes, I too have a coach because as hard as you try you can never push yourself or motivate yourself as much as someone else can) has me eating around 1900 cals per day with 230 g of carbs on training days and 140 g of carbs on non-training days. And with all those carbs and calories I have lost 4 pounds within the past 5 days!! Every time my coach increases my calories, and he usually does it by increasing my carbs, I lose weight.

Right now I am the lowest weight I have been for the past 3 years. I look better than I have in the past 3 years. I FEEL better than I have in the past 3 years. And I am stronger than I have been in the past 3 years. And it’s all because I am eating and eating….a lot!

2 Weeks Out….Pics

Here they are!  The lighting is not great but I am proud to post them. This is 6.5 months after having Parker and 5.5 months since I started training. If you look real close my abs are starting to show through.

photo 1

photo 2












I still have some “tweaking” that needs to be done before my pics, but everything is falling into place! :)