So…..Now What?













Since hitting my 8 week goal last week people have asked me, now what am I going to do?

Am I going to continue to diet and lean out even more?

Am I going to let loose for awhile and eat whatever I want?

Answer: Neither.

Both of those are common mistakes people make after they have hit a fat loss goal. I have not only seen it happen, but have also done it myself.

So my goal for the next 4 weeks is to maintain what I have accomplished over the past 8 weeks.

Too many times people try to continue the hard training and/or diet they were on because of the great results they are getting. They think that if they continue all that hard work, they will continue getting those great results. And in a perfect world, that would be wonderful, but in reality, it just does not always happen that way.

You need to give your body breaks from time to time. You need to let your body rest or you can start to fall backwards and start gaining that weight back.

And by breaks I mean changing up the training, possibly backing off a day or so. Eating a little less strict, but still sticking to good nutrition habits. NOT letting myself eat whatever whenever just because I hit my goal.

That is another mistake many people make. They think because they have hit their goal they will stay at that place forever. They back way off on their nutrition  and their training and before they know it, all, if not most, of the fat they lost, comes back. And then they are back at square one.

So for the next 4 weeks I am going to stay with my good nutrition habits but instead of being 100% with my clean eating, I am going to be a little less strict.

What does that mean?

It means that I will allow myself a reward meal every week, instead of just 1 or 2 every 4 weeks. This will help me with my training, my sanity and in the end my overall fat loss believe it or not.

My training is also going to change a bit. I’m hoping to put on some lean muscle for my next set of goals after these 4 weeks.

Again, I will be posting pics so you can see that maintaining that fat loss is possible. I’m also going to start posting some great exercise videos and “how to’s”.


Supplements that Make A Mom Lean

Last Friday I talked a little about the supplements that I used during my 8 week lean out. And I wanted to go more into detail about each one and why I use them. One thing I do want to preface all of this with is that to remember these are exactly what they are called…SUPPLEMENTS. Meaning, they supplement your already clean diet. They do not work miracles or “burn the fat”, but help you with your goals. They also should not be used as a replacement of all your food. Please do not using a liquid diet to try and reach your goals, it will not end nicely.

Now that I have all that out of the way, here is what I used and why!

First and foremost I always take a multi-vitamin and a good fish oil. This basically sets the foundation for my day. No matter what your training is like or how great/clean you eat or even if you’re not training at all, everyone needs a good multi-vitamin and fish oil. I also take Adrenal health to help with stress and recovery.

Multi Fish









The second supplement I always keep on hand is a good protein powder. I don’t like to substitute my meals for a protein drink, but if needed, I love that it’s an easy and quick way to get my protein in for that meal. I love SFH (Stronger-Faster-Healthier) Pure chocolate protein for a stand alone drink and SFH vanilla protein to put in my smoothies. The powder is not chalky at all and mixes really well. But please make sure you don’t try and substitute too many meals too often with protein powders. Real food is always best.










Those are both my “everyday” supplements, but I do add more supplements for on my training days. Here is what I take during those days…

Pre-workout: For my pre-workout I like to have something that will give me a little kick (caffeine wise) but nothing that will jack my heart rate up or make me feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin. I started using a new one called PUSH from SFH. I’m really loving this product. I take it about 30 minutes before my training and feel great throughout.










For during my strength training sessions, I used a combination of Xtend BCAA’s (Lemon Lime flavor..SO GOOD!) and Glycofuse (unflavored). I sip on this throughout my training making sure I finished it by the end of the session. The BCAAs allowed me to train without worrying about having the muscles breakdown as well as help with recovery. The Glycofuse (sugar…GASP! Yes, sugar!!) helps feed the muscles and helps fuel your workouts. Remember, you can’t run a car if you have no gas in the tank. Same goes for your workouts. Plus these two combined tastes SOOOO good!!

Xtend Glyco








After my training I then have one more drink. This time I combine more Glycofuse and SFH Recovery chocolate protein. The sugar in the Glycofuse helps with muscle recovery as well as the SFH Recovery. This way I know that I’m building that lean muscle, I’m fueling it and I’m making sure I am recovered for my next training session. Sometimes I will switch to just the Recovery protein for my drink (the switch just depends on what BJ is wanting me to do that week), but I will ALWAYS have post-workout carbs.

SFH Glyco









There you have it! All the supplements I used while leaning out and I will continue to use these for my next goal…you’ll have to check back here this week to see just what that will be 😉


8 Weeks Lean Out…How It Was Done











Over the past couple of days, ever since I posted my results from my 8 (.5) week lean out, I have gotten A LOT of questions on just HOW I did it. And as promised, I am going to tell you today.

First though, I want to tell you how I did NOT do to get my results.

-I did NOT starve myself. I had some people ask me how long I starved myself or how many calories I cut to get this lean. Never happened. I could not have trained the way I wanted to or looked the way I wanted to, if I had starved myself.

-I did NOT use a bunch of pills and/or patches that promise all these fabulous results, but as we know, are both just filled with caffeine.

-I did NOT train 24/7. Yes, I own a gym and I do have access to some of the best equipment out there, but that does not mean I have all the time in the world to train. As I’ve mentioned before, I am not only a business owner but a wife, a mother and I have other responsibilities that do take up a lot of time. Working out for hours a day, 7 days a week just does not happen, nor should it.

So what exactly DID I do to get my results???

First and foremost I kept with the program. Even when I was frustrated (week 4) and I wanted to quit, I kept with it. People tend to give up when things plateau or don’t go the way you want it to, I know because I have done it myself.

For my training, I strength trained 3 times per week. During those sessions I also did a 20-25 minute metabolic sequence after the strength portion. Then 2 days a week I did 45-60 min of cardio. Simple stuff such as running or intervals or even Kettlebell swings. Nothing crazy though. And then I made sure I took 2 days to rest. Your body will not get the results you want it to if you run it into the ground by going 100 miles/hour 7 days a week.

My nutrition was the same as what I give my clients. It focused on lean protein and lots of veggies. I timed my carbohydrates and the amount of carbs correctly. Yes…I did eat carbs. I did not cut any macro nutrients out of my diet, that is not a smart thing to do. Like I said above, I never starved myself, in fact the lowest I got with my calories was around 1400 cals/day. I gave myself a couple of “cheat meals”, but even with those, I never went crazy and sat at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

And lastly my supplements. As I said above, I didn’t use any “fat burning” or “make you feel great” pills or patches. I am very cautious of the supplements I do put in my body because I have thyroid issues I need to watch out for. My thyroid is finally in a good place, I am not about to screw that up.

But, yes I did use supplements, but these are supplements I use everyday, not just for fat loss. The supplements I use are….

-Protein powders
-Pre-workout drink
-BCAA’s for during my training
-Post-workout drink
-Fish oil

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the supplements I take and how I take them. On Monday I will post my exact routine and why.

So that is about it. As you can see it’s nothing fancy. I don’t have any magic potions or secrets that helped me along the way. I stayed focus on my goal and kept with it even when I wanted to quit or eat that ice cream.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting videos of exercises I did during the 8 weeks along with some workouts you can do on your own.

And don’t forget to check back on Monday for a complete list of the supplements I took (still take) and other great things coming with TLAG!!!


8.5 Weeks…My Final Pics!!!

I promised you pics today…..

So here they are!!!

The ones on the left are from when I started and the ones on the right are from this morning!!

41215 2Kori 82615-1











Kori 41215Kori 82615-2










I am so freaking happy with my results. I know the lighting is not the best but I actually CAN see my abs! I have NEVER been able to see my abs before.

But make sure you check back on Friday to get the scope on exactly HOW I was able to achieve this.


8 Weeks…I’m FINISHED!!!….Or Am I????

So this started out as an 8 week lean out. I wanted to basically jump start my training and nutrition to get me back on track. And I know I promised a final pic today to show all the progress I have made over the past 8 weeks.

Well, you are going to have to wait just 5 more days.


No, it’s not because I’m not happy with my results. In fact…I’m ecstatic about the results I have gotten. I don’t think I have ever been this lean before, even for my bikini competitions.

My main reason for waiting to post pics is during these past 8 weeks I decided to do a photo shoot. I am someone who needs stuff like this to work towards. Yes, it may be a vain goal, but it’s a goal I know I have to reach and it gets me exited.

So next Wednesday I am going to do a photo shoot. Some of the pics will be for this website and some will be just for me.

But before I do the shoot, I WILL post pics that morning.

Be sure to check back in the next 5 days!!

Numbers Lie

I used to dread waking up in the morning and stepping on the scale.

That stupid little thing would set my mood for that day. Or I should say….I LET it set my mood for that day.

If the number was what I wanted it to be….HAPPY KORI!

If not then I would mope around until the next morning, praying the number changed to what I wanted it to be. Hoping that whatever workout I did that day made the number go down.

Then one morning, after seeing a number I REALLY didn’t like, BJ pulled me aside and made me look in the mirror.

He pointed out the definition in my arms, the lines in my abs and the fact that my clothes were almost hanging on me.

I was telling myself (and BJ) that the program wasn’t working because the scale was going up. Yet what I discovered was that the program was doing EXACTLY what I had wanted it to. It was helping me get leaner, not weigh less.

Last Friday I posted a progress pic. What I didn’t post was what the number said on the scale. (see pic below)

Kori scale 8715








Last Friday I actually weighed in 1 pound MORE than I did when I started this 8 week lean out.

Was I upset? Nope!

I’m not upset because I know 3 things…

1. I am building muscle, one of my goals.
2. I am getting leaner, again another goal. And I can see not only definition in my arms and legs but also in my abs. Lines that have never been there before are starting to show up.
3. I’m fitting into clothes I have not been able to (at least comfortably) in years! This morning I worked out in an outfit that was way too tight on me only 3 weeks ago.

I am letting the results I am seeing ON my body determine if the program is working, not what I am seeing on the scale.

Many people live and die by numbers, especially the one on the scale. My advice…DON’T! Numbers lie! I am proof of that.

If you are truly doing what you are supposed to be doing in your program, and not drifting off the path, then you will get the results you want. Losing scale weight is easy…just stop eating. Losing fat, that’s a bit harder but not impossible.

To track your progress, let pictures and measurements be your determining factor, not the scale.


Week 6: Now That’s More Like It!!

I am 6 weeks into my 8 week lean out and I am happier after these last 2 weeks.

When I posted my 4 week progress pics I wasn’t very happy. I looked bloated and too soft, but like always, that passed and I worked a little harder, kept my nutrition in check and kept my goal in mind.

Here is my progress so far….

The one on the left is from this morning and the one on the right is from 6 weeks ago.

Kori 871562515 1










As you can see there is a huge difference in my lower abs. This is the hardest (and last) place for me to lose fat. You can’t see it here, but my obliques are starting to show as well.

This has some to do with my programming but 90% of it has to do with my nutrition. It is very true…Abs are made in the kitchen.

I’m also excited because my legs, arms/shoulders and back are becoming defined as well.

So I have 2 weeks left on my 8 week lean out phase and it will probably be the hardest 2 weeks but I am so excited for the challenge!

Is the Grass Always Greener????

We all have one.

That friend who can eat whatever the hell she wants, never workout and yet is still skinny!

And what do we think of that friend???

“BITCH!” (Don’t deny it)

I mean they have the perfect life when it comes to eating and maintaining their weight…right?! And what we wouldn’t give to be in their position.

Yeah, I thought so too until I really started working with women in this category and have found that, yes they may be able to eat what they want, but that doesn’t mean they don’t go through the same issues we curvier girls do. Issues such as body image, finding the right training program, getting the right nutrition and making sure they are healthy.

Meet Stacey.













Stacey is a young 42 year old mom/wife/career woman and has been a client for over 5 years. She has always been the “skinny girl”. She grew up hearing “You’re so lucky to always be so thin!”. But just because she has been thin, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own obstacles when it comes to her weight.

Stacey is not a person who seeks attention.  And a lot of the attention she gets, when someone does comment about her being skinny, it can make her feel uncomfortable. Hearing those comments or people drawing attention to her “skinny legs”, although these people may be trying to show they are envious and complimenting her, used to make her more self conscious when she was younger.

One of Stacey’s toughest obstacles is trying to put on lean muscle. Sure, she can eat a bunch of food and put on scale weight, but that doesn’t mean the weight that she is gaining is lean, healthy muscle. She has learned that she too needs to eat a variety of healthy foods to gain the muscle she wants without gaining the fat that can come with it if the proper nutrition is not in place. Stacey wants the same thing as most of you, a health body that is lean and toned, NOT just skinny. <<<<—-Big difference.

As Stacey is getting older (although from the picture you can see the woman doesn’t look at day over 35 in my opinion, if not younger), her metabolism is slowing down just like everyone else’s. And because she is tall and thinner, she may be able to hide the weight she does gain a little better than most, but she does gain it if she slacks off on her nutrition and/or her training. Just like you and me.

As you can see, just because someone is “skinny” does not necessarily mean are not wanting to improve and challenge themselves physically. They too need to keep themselves on a good program to help them reach their goals. Being “skinny” is not everyone’s goal.

I am glad we are able to help Stacey with her goals and it’s awesome to see her confidence in building her strength. But in the end it is Stacey that has taken it upon herself to not let the comments get to her and be the best she can be. This is something she shows her children and others who may be struggling around her.





Got Meal Prep???

food prep







I have been getting a lot of questions about meal prepping and how I do it for myself. So I decided to make a quick video showing you exactly how I put a full days worth of meals together.

Here ya go!

Hope that helped!

Please let me know if you have any other questions by commenting on this post or going to my Train Like A Girl Facebook page and letting me know there!

Week 4: Getting Over the Hump

I’m going to be honest. I’m not really happy with these progress pics.

I thought of not posting. But really….what does that accomplish right??? I made a commitment to myself to post pics every 2 weeks, even if no one out there reads this.

So here we go….

The one on the left is from 7/10/15 and the one on the right is from this morning, 7/24/15.

Kori 71015

Kori 72414








This is where it gets hard.

This is where I look in the mirror and I get frustrated.

Not because I’m not working hard or liking how far I have come along, but because every, let’s say 4 weeks ;), I carry more water than usual. My clothes fit just a bit tighter than usual and that “UGH!!! Why am I even doing this if this is what is going to happen!?!?!” sets in.

Well, I know why.

I know that within a week the extra water weight will be gone and I will have gotten even closer to my goal.

I know that this frustration, as long as I keep on track, is a temporary thing.

And I know that it’s a mind game. One that can take over your life if you let it.

This is one of the issues I do have to help my female clients with. They will be working their a$$ off (literally) and are doing a great job with their nutrition, but that pesky little week comes around and a lot of their drive goes out the window. They see only the image at that particular moment, not how far they have come.


Let that 1 week a month go.

Keep working hard and keep moving forward!